An afternoon spent with horses

I travel all over South East Queensland meeting fellow horse mad people & their gorgeous horses.

This is just a little bit about what to expect when you have a session with me.


An equine portrait experience is all about you and your horse, and the bond you’ve created through blood, sweat & tears. Owning horses can be a an absolute joyful experience combined with big emotions if they ever injure themselves.

We treat them as a member of the family…I mean, if we could have them inside on the couch with us, we would!

My favourite thing to do is to photograph this bond and connection. There’s something special we share with our horses, and I want you to have photos to forever remember it.


You’ll end up with a wide variety of images from your session, you’ll be blown away with what we can create together.

I can remember every horse and pony in my life. I’ve got fond memories of all them all, except for perhaps a sketchy shetland pony who liked to wipe me out on the fruit trees. Scarred for life…hahah!


No matter the location I can make it work, by being creative through lens choice & composition you’ll end up with some ripper portraits.

I drive to your location and will do do a quick scout to find the best spots to photograph during your session.


For the more adventurous you can choose to float your horse to a location you love or have been to with your horse in the past.  It might be a local beach or a trail ride location, local forestry, the possibilities are endless.


You've got so many options here! Here’s some ideas to get you started.

  • Go casual with a good pair of jeans/pants and a nice top.

  • A skirt and top combo, or a pretty dress.

  • A nice pair of joddies and a good competition shirt/blouse.

  • All out glam with a fabulous dress, full hair and makeup, the whole hog so to speak!

If you love what you're wearing this will show through in your photos. So keep that in mind in when choosing something to wear.

Also think about the colour of your horse and make sure you wear colours that complement them.  I've got a handy PDF that will give you an idea of clothes to wear / colours to choose which I’ll provide to you.  

If you’re feeling completely stuck we can skype or facetime and I can help you pick things out in your wardrobe!

Sam is a true professional. She made the photo shoot with my wife Dianne and our horse Aramis so much fun. Her care and attention to detail are second to none.
— Jim & Dianne
horse-natural-light-samgoodwinportraits copy.jpg


session fee ~ $150

A session lasts around 2 hours or so, and you can have up to 3 outfit changes, and you’ll get some fabulous variety out of your session. 

Your session fee covers: 

  • Equine Portrait Experience for you and your horse, or pony!

  • Travel to your location

  • Image editing and preparation.

  • A 1 hour Cinematic Design Appointment 2 weeks after your session.  This is when you first get to see your images on the big screen and then we spend some time together looking at artwork options that you love!  If you can’t make it to my home studio in person we can use Skype or Facetime for your design appointment.

beautiful artwork

You’ve gone to the effort of hiring me as your photographer, spent god knows how long getting your steed all snazzied up for the session, it would be a complete crime to not show off your images with some fabulous artwork!  There is something to suit everyone.

  • Canvas wall art collections

  • Fine Art Album

  • Beautiful matted and mounted prints

You choose only what you love!  Something to hang on the wall and look at all the time, or something for your coffee table.  I can help you choose the best option to suit your needs.

I do have a slight personal obsession with printing stuff for my walls… so not going to lie…I’m totally biased!  

(My husband is forever giving me the stink-eye over how much personal artwork I try and stuff on the walls…)