Can you help?

 It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal creative project & I thought it’s time to dive into something & expand this creative brain of mine.

These are the ideas I have & to bring my vision to life I’m looking for horses & riders who’d like to be a part of my project.

  • ‘Day in the life of a Competitor’ - I’m looking for a competitive horse & rider team who would be OK with me shadowing them from first thing in the morning, getting the horse on the float/truck, competing through the day, right through to the end of the day when you’re home again. This is a complete documentary style & I want to capture the highs & lows that is competing! It will be a mixture of stills (photos) & video.

  • Fine art Equine Portraits - I want to create some fine art portraits that focus on the anatomy & shape of horses, all of those details that we love about our horses.

As a thank you for participating in my creative projects I’ll gift you digital images from what I’ve created!

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