The season of Digger & Leagh | Brisbane Horse Photography

It was awhile ago now that I first met Leagh & her lovely boy Digger. When Leagh & I spoke on the phone, Leagh talked about how long she’d had Digger & just a little bit of his story.

Needless to say, that story is absolutely remarkable and so lovely to hear. It’s something I think, that’s worth sharing with my readers - as well all love our animals with a passion.

It always feels like we never have our pets and animals long enough, and after each of them are gone, it leaves a very sad gap in our hearts. If only we had them longer.

No heaven can heaven be, if my horse isn’t there to welcome me.
— Anon

Digger’s Story - as told by Leagh

I bred Digger from a pony mare that I also bred so he was 3rd generation for me going back to my childhood pony Gina who I got in 1970, so you can understand the bond I had with him by having bred his mum and owning his grandmother.  

I thought the mum was in foal to our TB stallion and I turned her out with a Clydesdale stallion. When she didn’t foal in the October when she was due I thought she had missed, but then she started to show signs of being in foal and foaled on Anzac Day 1988 hence the name ‘Digger’.  The mum was only 13.3 h.h so a very worrying time for me when I realised that she was in foal to the Clydesdale not the TB.  

He was a very special horse and I broke him in myself, my daughtger Kelli learnt to ride on his Grandmother, Gina and also on Digger.  My grandson Braxen also learnt to ride on Digger, so once again 3 generations of my family riding him. We broke him to harness at age 22 for Kelli’s wedding which was also a very special time for us with my beautiful ‘Digger’.  He certainly was one of a kind and there will never be another one like him.