Jodie & Stretch | Brisbane Horse Photographer

As you get older the value you place on certain things in your life only grows more certain & it continues to strengthen each day.  For those of us who are animal lovers, this conviction and admiration for all creatures is the cornerstone of who we are.  

When you meet Jodie, her love for all things animal is right there for the world to see.   So much so that Jodie owns 'Amazing Animals to You' - a sweet gathering of farm animals that Jodie shares with the world for parties & events.  Being able to share these lovely creatures with people who might not be fortunate enough to have ever experienced them is truly remarkable. 

I can't imagine not having animals in my life so it's just awesome that Jodie can show & teach people about them.  

So spending the afternoon with Jodie & her beautiful old soul, Stretch, who is the sweetest equine you'll ever meet was just magic.  I also had the pleasure of photographing Jodie with her daughter Laylah, and their faithful sidekick Larry the wolf hound.