black background equine portraits

Is there anything more gorgeous than the absolute simplicity of a horse against a black background? I think not!

Right away these images pull you in and leave you staring for a good bit. Thankfully it’s not impolite to stare at a photo, so you can gawp as much as you like. (I may be speaking first hand here…ahem…)

No matter the breed, age and discipline your horse or pony will be absolutely beautiful in a black background portrait.

I’m an experienced horseman and have been riding and training horses since I was a teen. This experience means I know how to best photograph horses to show off their correct conformation and highlight their best features.

Preparing for your session

There’s a few things you can do to ensure you get the most out of your session with me.

In a nutshell, prepare as if you were going to a show, be it dressage, hacking, show jumping, whatever! Prepare as though you were off to compete. It makes all the difference to the finished product I can assure you.

horse preparation

  • Freshly washed always looks the spiffiest.

  • Clean/oiled bridle or leather halter. Usually the bridle you show in is a perfect option.

  • Rosettes aren’t required, but if you prefer that look then go for it!

  • Brushed mane and tail.

  • Blacked or oiled hooves, your preference.

location for the black background

I shoot black backgrounds without any portable backdrops or lighting equipment, it’s all done with the use of available natural light.

We need a covered stable aisle or a covered arena which helps with shaping the light so I can then edit image with the black background.

The below ‘before’ image will give you an idea of the stable/shed situation we need as an absolute basic to begin.

If you don’t have a shed or stable & want to have a black background session, let me know & we can find a solution to make it happen for you!

The raw canvas, if you will.

The raw canvas, if you will.

The finished masterpiece!

The finished masterpiece!

Your investment 

session FEE ~ $150

Each session includes multiple poses from different angles, harnessing the power of good lighting, posing and using my wicked photoshop skills I then digitally create a black background, showcasing your noble steed to perfection!  

Your session fee covers: 

  • Equine Portrait Experience for you and your horse, or pony!

  • Travel to your location

  • Image editing and preparation.

  • A 1 hour Cinematic Design Appointment 2 weeks after your session.  This is when you first get to see your images on the big screen and then we spend some time together looking at artwork options that you love!  If you can’t make it to my home studio in person we can use Skype for your design appointment.

beautiful artwork

You’ve gone to the effort of hiring me as your photographer, spent god knows how long getting your steed all snazzied up for the session, it would be a complete crime to not show off your images with some fabulous artwork!  There is something to suit everyone.

  • Canvas wall art

  • Fine Art Album

  • Beautiful matted and mounted prints

You choose only what you love!  Something to hang on the wall and look at all the time, or something for your coffee table.  I can help you choose the best option to suit your needs.

I do have a slight personal obsession with printing stuff for my walls… so not going to lie…I’m totally biased!  

(My husband is forever giving me the stink-eye over how much personal artwork I try and stuff on the walls…)


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